Killface McKilligan

Clever Girl


Killface McKilligan
Level 1 Fighter, Dragonborn (Gold)
Chaotic Good
27 years old, 7’0", 300 lb.

Strength 17 (3)
Dexterity 8 (-1)
Constitution 15 (
Intelligence 8 (-1)
Wisdom 10 (0)
Charisma 15 (

Saving Throws:
Strength +5P
Dexterity -1
Constitution +4P
Intelligence -1
Wisdom +0
Charisma +2

Acrobatics -1
Animal Handling +0
Arcana -1
Athletics +5P
Deception +2
History -1
Insight +0
Intimidation +4P
Investigation -1
Medicine +0
Nature -1
Perception +2P
Performance +2
Persuasion +2
Religion -1
Sleight of Hand -1
Stealth -1
Survival +2P
Passive Perception 10
Proficient with Smith’s tools
Proficient with land vehicles

Languages are Common and Draconic

AC 19
Initiative -1
Speed 30’
Hit Point Maximum 12

Battleaxe (Versatile, 1D10), 5, 1D85 slashing
Handaxe (Light, Thrown 20/60), 5, 1D65 slashing

Chainmail heavy armor
Shield and battleaxe
Two handaxes
A Dungeoneer’s pack
Smtih’s tools
Iron pot
Mess kit
Pouch with 10GP


Fighting Style, Defense: While wearing armor, gain +1 AC

Breath Weapon: Fire, 15’ cone. Each creature in cone must make a Dex save, DC is 8 plus Con modifier (2), plus Proficiency bonus (2). 2D6 damage on failed save, half damage on successful save. Can be used again after a short or long rest.

Resistance to Fire damage.

Second Wind: On your turn, take a bonus action to receive 1D10 plus Fighter level hit points. Can be used again after a short or long rest.

Rustic Hospitality: Common people will provide shelter and food, and will conceal me from security forces, though they will not risk their lives to do so.


Background: Ex-Military Attempted Do-Gooder (Custom). This Killface was born to a clan living in the savanna far to the south, with a strong martial tradition and a respect for law and order. Killface never really fit in there, with his unconventionally flexible mindset, and generally limited attention span. Although capable of mastering those things obviously useful, like fighting techniques, he has great difficulty seeing the value of things such as a code of honor or a body of law. His ceaseless questioning of everything from basic military discipline to the existence of the gods resulted in his expulsion from the clan’s lands, until such time as he learned what it meant to be a true Dragonborn. Killface, in his own misguided way, decided to put his values into practice, and show his family that a better society and individual could be created through reactive morality and the respect of individual initiative. He went forth into the world, looking for evil he could hit with an axe, and defenseless townspeople he could train, making the good in the world stronger. He first happened upon a human town, whose people were oppressed by their liege lord, and saw a perfect example of how good could be done by disregarding the law of the land. Choosing to go to the heart of the problem, he single-handedly assaulted the lord’s castle in broad daylight. The fight was bloody but short, and in the end the unconsious Killface was sold to the crew of a ship heading north as a slave gladiator. Fortunately for him, a human child took pity, and released him, then snuck through the ship recovering his gear. The two disembarked at the first opportunity, Goodharbour, where he intended to defend and support her on her quest for revenge. He still thought about the cruel Lord in the south, and resolved to go back one day to administer justice. Typically, all he had learned from his previous encounter was that one should bring more firepower when assaulting a castle. For now, he was content to follow Rosemary, and dismember anyone who looked at her funny.


Killface McKilligan

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