Sten Proudfoot

Hobbit Senator and former warrior


Sten Proudfoot is a hobbit (the only) that is currently serving in the Good Harbor senate. He is known in the Senate for his love of living a leisurely lifestyle. Chief among his duties is dealing with the ale and strong cider producers (also Hobbits) from Horn Hill who frequently are dissatisfied with the price per barrel that they’re currently receiving. Sten’s oft-employeed tactic is enjoying a pipe with the ale-makers and calmly reminding them that their only other possible trade route would require (the hobbits) transporting their own goods through The Sea of Sand (a desert to the south) where there are snakes that can swallow a hobbit whole.
Sten is grizzled but has a soft face with kind eyes.


Sten quite often references “the war” and by his own account was a great warrior in his younger days (he’s currently about a hundred years old). No one has been able to get out of him which conflict it was that he fought in but there is speculation that his enormous wealth is the result of ‘the spoils of war.’