Rosemary Flint


Rosemary Flint
Level 2 Rogue, Human
Chaotic Neutral
Background: Sea Urchin (Custom)
Rosemary was raised by her father, a pirate captain, aboard his ship, coming ashore with him when he sold goods, paid off corrupt officials, had meetings with other criminals, et cetera. His crew eventually mutinied to gain a greater share of the treasure, and killed him. Rosemary barely escaped herself, and has sworn vengeance. She got a job as a boy on another ship, and intended to go from ship to ship, learning the skills she needed for revenge, while picking up rumors about her former crew. On the latest ship, she met a captive dragonborn, Killface, and ended up releasing him. The two snuck off the ship at Goodharbour, and have been exploring the city for a day or two.

Strength 9 (-1)
Dexterity 16 (3)
Constitution 11 (0)
Intelligence 9 (-1)
Wisdom 15 (
Charisma 16 (+3)

Saving Throws:
Strength -1
Dexterity +5
Constitution 0
Intelligence +1
Wisdom +2
Charisma +3

Acrobatics +3
Animal Handling +2
Arcana -1
Athletics -1
Deception +5
History -1
Insight +4
Intimidation +3
Investigation -1
Medicine +2
Nature -1
Perception +4
Performance +3
Persuasion +5
Religion -1
Sleight of Hand +5
Stealth +5
Survival +2
Passive Perception 14
Proficient with Thief’s Tools and disguise kit

Languages are Common and Elvish

AC 14
Initiative +3
Speed 30’
Hit Point Maximum 13

Rapier (finesse) 5, 1D85 piercing
Dagger (finesse, light, thrown 20/60) 5, 1D45 piercing
Short Bow (ammunition, two-handed ?) +5

Leather armor
rapier, two daggers, short bow, 20 arrows
Small utility knife
thief’s tools, disguise kit
Burglar’s pack
token to remember parents, unbendable needle
common clothes
belt pouch with 10 GP
Chart of her old pirate ship’s hideout and surrounding waters
pet mouse

Ship’s Passage: can secure us free travel on a ship, provided we work hard and have a flexible arrival schedule.

Sneak Attack: Once per turn, can add an extra 1D6 of damage to a target attacked with advantage with a finesse or ranged weapon. If another opponent is adjacent to target, advantage is no longer required.

Evasion: Avoid magical and unusual attacks with a reflex save. If the attack would usually do half damage on a successful save, you instead take no damage. (works with light or no armor… leather is light)

Thieve’s Cant: Know a secret language of symbols used by thieves to send messages, and mark areas as dangerous, safe, ripe for stealing from, etcetera. Only other thieves and assasin-type people know this language.


It was a rainy day on Dec 13th, the waters were thrashing against the boat angrily and a small cry is heard from below deck. “It’s a girl” whispered the mother as she’s holding the small infant in her arms. The Father of the child looks fondly at his wife, and newborn baby. Nothing in the world could make him happier. The mother smiles weakly at the newborn and moves the blanket folds away from the little one’s head. Round green eyes look up at the mother, and some peach fuzz covers her head. “Rose, what shall we call her… Rose?” The mother slowly looks up, her eyes unfocused. A pool of blood has formed on the bed and she has gone cold.
Nine years later:
“ROSEMARY!!! Get your scrawny behind to the deck, we need men!” A little girl emerges from below; she gently tucks a small locket into her pocket. “ALRIGHT father I’m coming!” she takes an oar on the left side and grumbles;”If only Stinky George would stop farting and pull his weight”. Rosemary’s cheeks are pink from the heat of the kitchen, and would like nothing more than to dock. It’s been three years to the day that the little girl’s father had become captain of a little wooden ship named “La Fortuna”. Her father had become obsessed with gold and other non precious metals since her mother died. Sometimes in the middle of the night she’d hear him mumbling in his sleep about the stuff. As the boat moves slowly ahead Rosemary reminisces about her studies and training. All she would like to do is practice on an old makeshift lock that her fellow shipmate had found her. Lock picking was Rosemary’s escape from it all, from the constant moving from port to port. Her shipmates took a liking to her and would show her different tricks on how to pick a lock, sometimes using a needle, other times using a whittled down piece of wood. Either way, it was always an entertaining puzzle and no lock was left un mastered in her hands.
La Fortuna was in desperate need of repairs and Rosemary’s father decided to navigate north to a Port for goods. The crew was acting stranger than usual, but did as they were told and rowed the ship to the dock. Before stepping onto the dock, Rosemary’s father turned around. He stared into her wide eyes and sighed, “You have your mother’s eyes” and clasped her tiny hands, “I’ll be back on the morrow”. Rosemary felt her stomach tie in knots, her father never mentioned her mother unless he was doing something reckless. She counted the hours until her father would arrive on the dock. Maybe he’d bring her a strawberry cake with a bit of cream for taking so long. Two days had passed and her fingers were beginning to hurt from an excessive habit of scrubbing the floors when she was nervous. Finally, her father sauntered on deck with pockets full of gold coins. He gave each crew member a gold coin for their loyalty and stepped into the captain’s corridors. Multiple men grimaced at their “share” of the wealth, and some angrily spit on them. One man in particular nicknamed “Kildon the shark” threw down his coin and bellowed “Enough is enough! I’m sick of this tired old man who calls himself captain” others nodded and raised their fists in revolt. The captain emerged from his chamber and looked wearily around, “What’s the matter? I hear your screams and yet you do nothing to earn your share Shark”. Kildon puffed his chest and walked up to Rosemary’s father, “you need not test me old fool”. Rosemary’s father put his hand on the man’s shoulder and in the flick of an eye a small green knife cut into the captain’s heart. A mad brawl broke out, and Rosemary’s eyes could only see her father. Memories flashed before her, cold damp sweat developed on her brow and within a second she was by her father’s side. Hot blood seeped from his mouth and his eyes lazily looked up at Rosemary. Rosemary quickly grabbed his trembling hand but could not find words. “Oh Rose, you look just like your mother” and exhaled one last time.
Rosemary was able to scramble off the ship and onto the dock. All she could think to do was run, she told herself “you can’t feel if you run, just keep running”. For two days she ran, whenever she was caught stealing a chunk of bread from the bakery, she ran. Whenever eyes lingered on hers for a fraction of a second too long, she ran. Rosemary had become a prisoner of fear.
It was 2 in the morning and Rosemary looked up into the starry sky. Smoke from the chimneys created an eerie mist and a shiver came over her. Rosemary’s stomach growled for sustenance and she stumbled to her feet. All at once a small creature ran by her blistered toes, realizing that this could be her only meal for the next couple of days she scrambled after it. The creature led her to an alley, a strong aroma of fish potato stew and freshly baked bread filled her nostrils. Only becoming crazed from the hunger did she pounce on the small creature. In her hand quivered a small mouse, brown and soft as feather. She looked down at the terrified creature and could not eat it, this was a sign she told herself. This mouse embodied fear. Rosemary rationalized that if fear was this small, she had control over it. The little girl touched the mouse with her finger and decided to put it in her pocket. Later that night Rosemary actually tasted food for the first time since her father was murdered and so did her new pet mouse named Chuck.
Within the next couple of weeks, Rosemary boarded ships for work. All she knew was to be a pirate. Staying on land for too long made her antsy. A good captain with a crooked smile gave Rose 10g for her stay on “the white whale” and soon after, word developed that Rosemary was the best cook at sea. Her latest home was a ship named “Driftwood”. There she met all sorts of characters, men and woman who travelled long distances and back. A stowaway with rotten teeth taught Rosemary how to steal extra portions of food for Chuck and for once she felt at home again.
One early morning, Rosemary was in the kitchen baking biscuits for the crew breakfast. She brushed them with honey and sprinkled them with a bit of salt. Suddenly, there was a loud clunk coming from the brig. Curious, Rosemary peered around the doorway out into the hallway. Two of her shipmates stomped aggressively by, and one of them said “damn lizard”. Not knowing what they could possibly be talking about Rosemary went back to sprinkling the biscuits. Another clang, only this time louder came from the brig and Rosemary looked up. She put the bowl down and slowly walked down the hallway. Her hand was trembling at the doorknob when another “thump” sounded. “Open the door, Rosemary” she told herself and as she walked in the brig there was a small cage. The room was dreadfully dark and all she could see was a very large figure locked inside the cage. Rosemary lit a flame, amber-rust eyes peered down at Rosemary and a smile curled on the humongous figure’s face.