King Niberius Tung

King, Overlord and Master of Great Harbor


At 89 years old Nimerius Tung in not a young man, nor a healthy one, and yet he has the look of a sickly man not older than his mid 60s. His gaunt, stern features contrast with his generous girth. His concise manner of speech and firm rule similarly contrast with his generous nature: his ability to share the wealth of the crown and share in the prosperity of the realm.


King Tung ascended the throne at the age of three after the death of his father (King Ellium Tung). His advisors ruled in his stead until he reached the age of 16. He is still called “Tung the Young” disrespectfully but never to his face. His wives have all died in curious but not entirely suspicious ways. King Tung is known for being an astute businessman that’s has sparked the economic surge in GH. During his rule the senate has financed social programs like the opening of three soup kitchens, and the building of low-income tenements in the warehouse district. There is a great deal of speculation as to who would rule in the event that King Tung died without an heir.

King Niberius Tung

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