Burden Rath

Lawful Neutral Atheist Paladin


Burden Rath, Commander of the City Watch
Level 3 Human Paladin
Lawful Neutral
Deity: Tyr God of Justice, Atheist/Agnostic
38 yrs. old, 175lbs, 6’2"
Prof bonus +2

AC = 17 (splint armor)

Strength 15 + 1 = 16 (3)
Dexterity 8 (-1)
Constitution 15 (
Intelligence 8 (-1)
Wisdom 8 (-1)
Charisma 15 + 1 = 16 (+3)

HP at 1st level = 12
HP at 2nd level = 20
HP at 3rd level = 28
1d10 (6) + con modifier (+2)

Increase 2 ability scores by 1 (done)
Prof in 1 skill (done)
Gain 1 feat (great weapon)

Saving Throws:
Strength +3
Dexterity -1
Constitution +2
Intelligence -1
Wisdom P +1
Charisma P +5

Acrobatics -1
Animal Handling -1
Arcana -1
Athletics P+5
Deception 3
History -1
Insight -1
Intimidation P
Investigation -1
Medicine -1
Nature -1
Performance 3
Persuasion P
Religion -1
Sleight of Hand -1
Stealth -1
Survival -1

Speed 30’
Initiative -1

Great sword 2d6 slashing
5 to hit, 2d63 reroll 1s and 2s

Divine sense = 4x per day determine location of fiend, undead, or celestial
Lay on hands = 15 hp regen
Divine smite = expend one spell slot to do 2d8 extra radiant damage with an attack (+1d8 if target is undead or a fiend)
Divine health = immune to disease

Fighting style = great weapon fighting
Reroll 1s and 2s

(3) 1st level spell slots
4 spells prepared

Spell save DC = 13 (8+prof bonus+cha)
Spell attack = 5 (chaprof bonus)

Oath of vengeance =
Bane, hunters mark

Channel divinity… 1/short rest
Abjure enemy = creature must make wis saving throw to avoid being frightened
Vow of enmity = bonus action, advantage against enemy for 1 minute

Great weapon master feat = 2nd attack on a kill or a crit, trade -5 to hit for +10 to damage

Bane = 3 enemy’s 1d4 reduction on saves and attack rolls
Hunters mark = bonus action, mark target 1d6 extra damage each hit, transferable
Concentration 1 hour

1st level spells…
Thunderous Smite = 2d6 extra damage and pushed 10 ft, knocked prone concentration 1 minute)
Shield of faith = +2 to AC for 10 minutes (concentration)
Command = target takes an instantaneous action
Compelled duel = impose disadvantage on attacks against other creatures


Burden Rath struggles with his faith. Although his oath is sworn to the God Tyr, he sees so much injustice in his daily life that he believes with quite a bit of certainty that the gods do not exist and that it is the responsibility of man to ‘set things right.’ In reality the supernatural feats of strength and valor that he sometimes achieves are (at least in-part) achievable due to the concept or philosophical idea of justice (law, order, protection of the meek) which are attached by onlookers to the deity who’s emblem is painted on the hilt of his mighty sword. Sometimes however the feats are in fact influenced by a God that is truly ‘phoning it in’ in this particular case of his patronage. This lack of oversight and Burden’s uncommonly low intelligence and wisdom has led to an unfortunate ability for others around him to manipulate the truth in order to influence his actions sometimes steering him towards doing wrong in the quest for justice. His own oath (vengeance) is his mortal flaw. He often seeks vengeance in the name of justice, and can easily be confused as to which is which, performing sometimes immoral acts on persons or creatures that have (…or sometimes actually have not) upset the moral and legal code. He believes magical-thinking that if Tyr exists he will stop his blade from striking an innocent.