Good Harbor on the Phrygian Sea

Day Three

Group starts for Horn Hill; gets shit wrecked by orphans.


They were getting ready to go burn down a brewery, murdering several people and leaving the rest unemployed. Hooray, politics!

A quick stop at the adventuring supply shop revealed that adventuring has become chic now that someone’s managed to do it without dying horribly and immediately. People are heading for the Sea of Sand in droves, meaning that our party, at level 2, has already solved the looming overpopulation problem! XP, please! Beyond that, we stocked up on supplies, with Rosemary finding a suit of studded leather armor in the Junior Miss section, and Killface being trusted with a high-velocity grappling-hook-launching apparatus. The place should have a sign out front reading, “Endangering Kids and Misusing Firearms Since 2015.”

But that’s not the only new toy the party got! The group of six was joined by another, Glennidan… Glindan… Danny Trejo, the Wood Elf Barbarian, who was stopped in the middle of an attempted murder-suicide by Amos and Yamaraja. With new party member in tow, the group started out for Horn Hill, only to be intercepted by what might have been a far more competent guild in the Sea Urchins, who have nothing to do with water and enjoy making light of their not having any parents. Though the party started out surrounded and injured, they soon got the better of the would-be assassins, proving once and for all that having seven people with virtually nothing in common and no prior experience will always beat six of the same guy, plus a wizard with a hat. Having left Good Harbor the way we like it (with a pile of bodies strewn all over one of the entrances), we made our way to Horn Hill – the orphan blood we were covered in likely scared off any potential predators.

When we reached Horn Hill, we had been expected – odd for a group of raiders, but we’d seen weirder today. For example, the fact that the brewery was being run by a swarm of undead? That was pretty fucking weird. Indeed, the town had been ravaged by the undead menace, but they were also benefiting from it – they were using the zombies as workers to produce the beer, and the hop plants were growing wildly with what is likely necromantic energy. The town wants us to cull the undead population to make them more manageable. And so the group waits at the local inn (the Salty Mermaid), for nightfall, and for things to get SO MUCH WEIRDER.

Do we raze the brewery, and thus the town, to help Senator Proudfoot?

Do we kill most of the undead to help the town thrive?

Or do we all agree that the world is better with this non-fair-trade brewery wiped off the map entirely?

…probably all of those.


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