Good Harbor on the Phrygian Sea

Day Six

This is Gonna Be A Big One

What’s more fun than a bazaar?!

The Group This Week

  • Amos Saltypants, The Cute One
  • Botto, The Smart One
  • Glennendan, The Quiet One
  • Morg, The Violent One/Burden Wrath, The Other Quiet One

The group started off their adventure seeing off Yamaraja, who is off on a secret mission, the context of which is unknown but will undoubtedly net him a suspiciously similar amount of experience to everyone else. From there, they attended a bazaar, in the hopes of netting a magical item or two to help them with whatever trouble they get into. And TROUBLE THERE WAS, as the group was immediately immersed (literally) in an act of terrorism – illegal magic, placed all over the square, in the form of crudely-drawn bombs that detonated, scaring the horses and sending the bazaar into a panic. Glennendan was the only one who kept his cool throughout, and he was able to steal an item from the fleeing cart – he opted to grab a mummified goblin hand.

The bombs didn’t really hurt people so much as humiliate them, spreading black ink all over the place. The same could not be said for Amos, who – in trying to cut down the assailant with a shortsword – critically wounded (and then saved!) a noblewoman who had been part of the crowd. The group chased after the perpetrator, in a gloriously short chase that ended with Glennendan putting an arrow through the guy’s heart. The villain, on death’s door, alluded to having far more sinister plans in mind, before the Royal Guard arrived, whisking the wounded sorcerer away.

Following this turn of events, the group returned home, to the bar, where they found a big unruly mob. The group had assembled because their children had gone missing – also, frustrated that the City Guard had done nothing to find them. This professional display of rabble-rousing was interrupted, however, by Burden Wrath, Commander of the City Guard. The group was hired to find the kids, and Burden insisted on joining them, unfriendly to the idea of vigilante justice in his town. His cooperation, however, came at a price – the families of the missing children demanded their return by sundown that night, or a riot would erupt as a result.

This adventure is not a commentary on Ferguson or Baltimore.

The group set out to investigate:

  • First, several parents of the kids were spoken to at the inn, showing the group on a map where they lived, and suggesting that their children were kidnapped.
  • Botto suggested searching the area where the group of children would meet up (a merge on the path to school), and went there, using his ability to talk to small animals to ask a rat about the kids. The rat turned up little of use, but established that the children had met up the previous morning and continued on to school. A little crumb of bread left by one of the kids confirmed this.
  • The group checked in at the local school, taking time to find out about the missing students. Amos and Glennendan got into a bit of a contest with the middle-aged, spinster teacher, and Amos seduced her, making out with her and making her faint. A productive trip.

The Missing Children:

  1. Charles “Pudgy” Doberman – A human child, the son of Olaf and Maddie, a pair of local bakers. Though he has few friends, he is fairly well-liked by the community.
  1. Finbin & Prucey Cobblefield – Halfling siblings. They aren’t really friends to the rest of the group of missing kids; Prucey is younger than the others, and afraid of the dark. Finbin has always been very protective of her.
  1. Sylph Sheffield – A half-elf boy; the only half-elf child in the town, as far as anybody knows. Quiet and reserved, he is considered very smart for his age, even if Pudgy is his only friend. His father may be mixed up with the wrong people. The group investigated their home, finding a loose floorboard in Sylph’s room, which contained a few lists, a pair of maps, and an old, musty tome, all written in Abyssal.
  1. Cadencia Whittickham – A human girl, she is the daughter of well-to-do nobles Reginald and Victoria Whittickham. She attends the ‘poor child’ school by choice, as she is incredibly forceful in her personality. The group investigated her room at Whittickham Manor, finding a list of supplies needed for camping and travel.
  1. Thurrig Mortarbeard The dwarf grandson of the armorer Amos saved from certain death – his entire family is convinced they’ve been cursed, with one death, one near-death, and now one abduction in the family.
  • The group spoke with a high-ranking nobleman whose daughter had also disappeared, though he hadn’t noticed. He recommended the father of one of the missing children – a man with a criminal past – as a suspect worth interrogating.
  • The group decided to do some old-fashioned police work, investigating the houses of Cadencia and Sylph (see above).
  • Following a lead, the group investigated the north wall of Good Harbor, where they found a small hole that children (or gnomes, but not a half-elf, as demonstrated by Amos) could fit through.

However, despite finding all these pieces, the group could not figure out where the kids have gone! The sun is high in the sky, and there is much work to be done before it falls on the horizon.

Happy Hunting!


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