Good Harbor on the Phrygian Sea

Day Seven

We willingly split the group, and Fenthur kills a kid.

(Sorry for the late post on this. I’m just rather lazy, and really, really didn’t want to. So, lets’ get this one done with what I remember. Whoo!)

Almost everyone (minus Amos) was present for the day’s adventure, but this meant that the group was fractured between those who had pursued the mystery of the missing children, and those who had been hanging out at the inn. You would think that the group would make it a priority to reunite.

You would think.

So, what happened with the group? Where to begin.

Burden and Glennendan found little in trying to re-track the movement of the missing group of kids. They decided to resolve this by interrogating Kurtz, the painting terrorist, who was being kept in Crazy Magic Prison in a full-body cast. As they found nothing, Burden elected to execute the criminal himself, cutting his head clear from his shoulders, cast and all. Fearing exposure, the two fled the prison (after Burden attempted to frame Glennendan for the attack by smearing the man’s blood on Glennendan) in different directions. Glennendan attempted to flee by the front gate, and was immediately attacked by the guards posted there, nearly being slain before Burden risked his own head to save him (using words, rather than violence. Huh.)

Botto was present for the ‘interrogation’, but sensing that the others weren’t entirely on-task, he left before the attack, instead going back to the inn to find Fenthur to translate the demonic runes he’d found. Doing so, the pair deduced where in the woods the kids had traveled, and Botto left instructions for the others to meet them (which only Glennendan would follow.)

Killface and Rosemary found sparse details of what had happened, and decided to investigate the docks, looking for the suspicious man they’d noticed at the bar. This was, of course, after Rosemary robbed everyone working the pier. BUT THEN they got to work, tracking the man down via his blood trail, talking to Reginald Whittickham and getting up to date the hard way. They speak to the man, who tells them about his missing son, and about his prior business with Finnegan, a local crime boss and child slaver who may be responsible.

Members of the group reunite, only to split up again!

Killface, Rosemary, and Burden go to visit Finnegan, and find themselves attacked. After a short battle (and some well-timed help from Amos, disguised as a fisherman for some reason), the group slayed Finnegan – they didn’t find the missing kids, but they did inherit some of his ill-gotten goods, including an Alchemy Jug, some magic arrows, and a book that didn’t appear to make any sense. More importantly, they rid Good Harbor of one of its slimiest denizens.

As for Glennendan, Botto and Fenthur, they snuck past the wolves and worgs who had been conscripted to protect the kids as they prepared a ritual to become warlocks, and caught the kids in the act. The group’s ringleader, Sylph, had already been transformed, and did not want anyone interfering, and the group alternated between diplomatic approaches (with an emphasis on intimidation) and attacking him outright. As the rituals continued around them, the group fought Sylph, finally knocking him out with a sleep spell, but the other kids still continued their work. Frustrated with a lack of options, Fenthur decided a further show of force was necessary, blasting one of the kids in mid-ritual, which killed him instantly. The rest of the group stopped, the majority not having completed the work needed, and they surrendered, quietly, shocked.

Ultimately, the threatened riot of the townsfolk over the missing children was avoided, but with a bit too much blood involved. Burden Wrath, devastated by events as they’d transpired, volunteered himself for punishment at the hands of the city, and the foundation of the group was shaken some.


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