Good Harbor on the Phrygian Sea

Day Four


When last we left our noble adventuring party, half of them showed up late and a few couldn’t make it at all.


With Rosemary (and her +7 stealth, foreshadowing) taking a nap at the inn, and Fenthur off being disturbing somewhere, the rest of the group was unceremoniously shoved out of the inn, locked up behind them. We were able to enjoy the idyllic night-time for about ten seconds, before were set upon by the shambling hordes.


We encountered six zombies, which we soon discovered were unable to dodge or defend, despite the metal armor they were all wearing. And by we, I mean most of us. Yamaraja spent almost the entirety of the first fight missing on saving throw attacks. It took far too long to bring down these six (they get hit easily, but boy could they take a punch). Indeed, there were many instances where we couldn’t muster their relatively low AC check, and it was at this point that Fenthur…

Side-note: While we’re all fighting for our lives, Fenthur is standing on the roof of the inn, in a fluttering cape and a top hat and he has a tail and oh god why could I never make a character this unsettling. The moon was high in the sky, but I assumed it moved itself to position behind Fenthur for maximum creep. The resulting tidal waves likely killed many people.

Fenthur had one attack in this fight. It was also the last attack in this fight. Afterwards, he joined the group, and Amos had the idea to burn the bodies so the zombies wouldn’t come back.

Afterwards, we agreed that a bit of caution was necessary. Emphasis on “a bit”. Botto and Yamaraja (CRIT!) stealthed forward to scout out the area, finding the brewery we are to burn down, as well as a warehouse where numerous zombies were gathering, clawing at the door and walls. From this point, we had several options.

Option A: See if we could sneak into the warehouse undetected. Nobody really supported this idea because Killface. That isn’t a fragment, that is the reason.

Option B: Go to the unprotected brewery first and blow it up while the zombies aren’t around. This idea was put forward by Yamaraja, in part in the hopes that the townsfolk would emerge at the destruction of their brewery, and the zombies and townsfolk would start defeating each other for us. This idea was chiefly opposed by Amos (see option C) and Killface (who feels that most of the townsfolk did nothing wrong and thus don’t deserve death, by zombie-mauling or otherwise.)

Option C: Ambush the zombies at the warehouse while they’re distracted, and then break into the place. The group went with this one.

At this point, the group split into two – Amos, Yamaraja, and Botto (the party’s stealthiest) would take a flanking position to pick off a few zombies – how hard could it be? Meanwhile, Killface, Fenthur, and Gallindan positioned themselves on the main road, set to swoop in while the zombies were distracted with the initial attack, with a hobbit reporter standing behind them to write down all that happened. What could possibly go wrong.


Plenty, as it turned out. Whilst Yamaraja (with the help of Guidance, how broken) and Amos were able to capably stealth into position, Botto accidentally knocked over an empty six-pack of bottles, alerting one zombie to his location and apparently earning a death oath from it. The zombie set upon the flanking group – Yamaraja and Amos both used their attacks (successfully) to deal a lot of damage to the attacking zombie, but it still stood.

Meanwhile, with the back party, Gallindan’s first turn was to shoot his longbow (which he’s better with) at the zombies. This was not part of Amos’ plan, who was expecting Gallindan to charge in immediately to wail on these guys. This left a path for the zombies to overwhelm the party open… until Killface stepped in.

As commented on at the table, this is the first time that Killface has genuinely gone all in on defense – with his armor and his shield, and a resulting AC of 19, the zombies were generally powerless against him. And the fact that almost every attack he rolled was a hit helped too.

Killface managed to hold off the mass of zombies, but at this point, the damage had been done – the group had been split in three. Figuring that the zombie that he’d fought with Amos and Botto must surely be near death, Yamaraja took off to help Killface, spending one of his spell slots to cast Protection from Good & Evil (10 minutes of concentration, undead have to attack at disadvantage) on himself. With this, the party had two true tanks, and all we had to do was regroup.

…except. The zombie that the ambush group had tried to finish quietly WOULD. NOT. GO. DOWN. With an AC of 14, and Amos and Botto rolling a string of 13s, the zombie wailed some on Botto, injuring him greatly. With those two still distracted by a single enemy, it was up to the four of us to attack the rest of the mob.

Surprisingly, the flow of time favored the group more than the zombies, however, as our luck turned. Killface, he of the Consistent Strike, felled one of the serious, not-fucking-around zombies by himself. Gallindan swung his twin hand-axes around like a hibachi chef, and absorbed hits with his ridiculous amount of health. Botto was able to use Shocking Grasp to move himself out of harm’s way, and Fenthur served to convince Amos that he NEEDS Eldritch Blast.

Time, however, will inevitably favor those who don’t need to worry about the mortal coil. Having slain the ‘dangerous’ zombies (there were four hidden amongst the horde), more and more scrub-zombies began to show up at the border. Amos, who needs to get to level 5 for validation of his entire character build, decided to make a dash for the warehouse.

Inside, he found a few halflings holding a heap of fresh meat on a stick, above a bunch of zombies turning a giant wheel, shackled. That fresh meat, by the way, was largely composed of severed human limbs, some of which still had armor from another adventuring party on it. …shiiiiiiiiit.

And that’s where we stopped. We now have to decide whether to stick it out with the zombies outside, or go inside and fight… something. Light the building on fire? Find out what that wheel does? How about the fate of the town – do we keep our original plan of destroying the brewery? Maybe we purge the whole town? Mm? Does that sound good? This narrator thinks so. Anyone up for a purge? Yeah?

P.S.: Saving throws are bullshit. In an entire day where saving throws kept happening (Botto’s Frostbite, Yamaraja’s Sacred Flame, and the zombies’ trying to sap away our Maximum Health), only one saving throw spell hit – one of Botto’s. Nik can’t fail at saving throws. Killface and Gallindan have a tough time with it, too. Boo, saving throws.


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