Good Harbor on the Phrygian Sea

Day Eight

Nik returns to the DM's chair for our most divisive episode yet.

A few days following the events of Mower’s adventure, the group is reunited again, and presented with a variety of potential quests to take on.

Most notably, an army of Elves is making their way from the forests to the north, toward the city, armed to the teeth and searching for something. However, just as the group was about to meet the army and investigate, they were approached by a noblewoman with a job-for-pay. The best kind!

The woman’s husband had reportedly been killed out in the Sea of Sand – following the group’s successful raid on the desert’s tusk supply, many citizens, seeking more adventure, had found it, and also their graves, out in the wastes. She charged the group with going to find his body and retrieve it. Since the group had little love lost for the city, we agreed to go back out into the desert.

On the way out of town, we happened upon a small elf child who was moving through the city – we quickly found out that he was the one the elves were after. Agreeing to protect him, the troupe recruited him to their cause. Near the town’s gate, we ran into a group of wounded coming from the desert – in addition to the many other things in the sands that can kill you, it would appear a green dragon appeared, having ambushed several of the camps. A new sense of urgency was added to the proceedings.

Now in the sands, the group was caught unaware as they were suddenly part of a massive sandstorm – they found temporary refuge (and a tome detailing how King Tung had destroyed the hobbit lands of this area) in an abandoned cabin. While stuck in the storm, the group discovered the young boy, who was using an unfamiliar magic to revive a dead beetle, then using a rune-etched cup of water to kill the beetle again. The group confiscated the cup, and asked for an explanation, but unfortunately, the cabin was in danger of being buried under the sand, and the group had to evacuate through the roof in a hurry.

Once the group made it out, they fought through the dunes, and made their way to the edge of a two-hundred foot cliff. With the sand at the top threatening to drown them, the group tied ropes together and slowly descended – Botto was waiting at the bottom of the rope when Amos’ giant slipped and fell down the cliff, crushing him (non-lethally) under his arm.

The bottom of the cliff revealed a long-buried collection of mud-caked buildings, and Amos went investigating the nearest building, looking to loot it. For his efforts, he found a giant moth in the home’s chest, which clung to his face just as the house was threatening to collapse on him.

Meanwhile, Yamaraja spotted a figure running away with a torch, and gave chase, catching the figure before he could get far. Fenthur shot the moth off Amos’ face, with a shot so accurate, he gave Amos a nice shave as well. The figure, a hobbit who somehow was still living in the town, showed a Gollum-like obsession with some antique coins Amos had also found in the house. He led the group to a giant pile of the coins, and this is when things went south.

Yamaraja was curious about the denizen, seeing as he was the only living creature here, and filled the rune-etched cup with water from one of his nine waterskins, splashing it on the poor guy. It had a poor effect, first turning the hobbit’s rather pale skin a rich pink, before turning it a decaying, dry gray. He then did the same to the giant pile of coins, splashing a little water, finding that the coins melted in the water. One quick Arcana check from Fenthur later, and it was confirmed: the coins were ‘cursed as shit’.

However, to Amos, whose entire purpose for joining this group of jerks was to get paid, the curse was negotiable. He insisted on taking as much of the money as he could carry, convincing Glennendan to help him carry more (until Glenn found out about that curse, at which point he immediately quit his new job). Yamaraja, not wanting to see the cursed coins (which he is assuming are related to those fucking white stones) circulate into the city, where they could cause nothing but havoc, demanded that Amos abandon his plan.

Amos threw money at Yamaraja, and then took off.

The group reconvened at the bottom of the cliff, where Amos had revived his giant companion, and with a small handful of the gold coins, retained his services to get out of there. The two began climbing the rope, and forty feet up, betrayal #1 occured: Morg (code name “Chester”) grabbed Amos and attempted to tear his gold from him, as well as throwing him off the rope.

Betrayal #2 followed soon after, as Yamaraja, not wanting the two to escape, opened fire, blasting Morg – Fenthur joined in, delivering the killing blow, as the giant fell on Glenn (he’s fine, don’t worry). Amos was able to regain a hold on the rope, and then things got worse.

Remember that green dragon? Apparently, the gold belongs to his hoard, and he arrived at the edge of the cliff, pissed off at everything, and when Glennendan decided to attack him, he returned the favor, heavily wounding Glennendan. Amos, sensing opportunity, cast Invisibility on himself, and continued up the rope. The rest of the group attempted to warn the dragon that the remainder of his gold was escaping up the cliffside, including Glennendan putting an arrow in the fleeing Amos, but it was to no avail – with the best-timed natural 20 of the game, Amos made it up the rope and to the top of the cliff, and, while still invisible, he cut the rope, making escape via that route impossible for the others.

Amos, cursed and invisible, is staggering through the wastes, alone, with his cursed gold, intent on banking it in Good Harbor and living in obscene wealth for the rest of his days.

Fenthur, Glennendan and Yamaraja are stuck at the foot of the cliff with a very irritated dragon, and precisely one healing spell left between them.

And Killface, Botto and Rosemary? Who knows where they are.

Things have changed, likely permanently, and the only thing left to figure out is, who survives?


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